About Zaynab Indian Cuisine

At Zaynab Indian Restaurant, our food is inspired by both northern and southern regional Indian cuisine, reflecting classical and contemporary influences, including recipes that are usually only served in gourmet hideaways.

Authentic food with a modern approach

Our fine Indian food is prepared by chefs from the region of the offering, which makes it genuinely authentic and, because of our selection of dishes, we offer exceptional food that has rarely been served in restaurants anywhere in the UK, as the range of ingredients used in true Indian gourmet cooking would be too laborious to assemble, prepare and slow cook. But we consistently strive to achieve this end. We are obsessive about our ingredients and spices, knowing that true flavour needs to start from the genuine raw material.

A wide selection from surf and turf

With our menu covering a selection of classical and contemporary dishes, tandoori, seafood, poultry, meat and vegetarian creations, we also felt it appropriate to tantalise the taste buds with some exceptional street food and original starters. Is recognised as an absolute taste sensation, There are also sharing platters available for two person, offering diners a fresh seafood or vegetarian selection & lamb shank.

A fabulous fusion of the senses

We continue to evolve our menu and presentation by ensuring that our chefs keep a keen watch on current trends, both in India and Internationally. Though rooted in the traditional foundations of Indian cooking, we believe it is imperative to evolve and explore these roots wherever necessary. Our menu is fabulously diverse, our interiors are extravagantly lavish, but our rudimentary cooking techniques are modest and authentic, using fresh and seasonal ingredients. It’s not what you know it’s how you re-create it, and that is where we like to make the difference.

Dress Code

Jacket or tie not required but we prefered smart casual.